Discover the dolphins

It is not necessary to go and observe dolphins in their natural environment, nor to wait until you are on holiday if you live in Corsica or in the south of France. More information : Because, yes, it is quite possible to observe such cetaceans on the Antibes side of the Côte d’Azur to live this dream that you can go into a business that provides.

Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in a natural environment or in a park is a dream for everyone, young and old. Thanks to these great lovers of marine animals, it is possible for each person to live a distinctive and surprising experience. It is then possible to detect dolphins in their environment, i.e. in their place of existence. It is on board a boat that you will set off on an adventure accompanied by a crew of instructors who will inform you about the use of diving equipment and the behaviour to adopt with mammals so as not to disturb them and avoid a priest. The boat will then sail to fully satisfy your interests. And needless to say, your captain will not be limited to a single dolphin school. Then you will have. Usually, the boat at sea accompanies about ten dolphins, because they are quite curious.

The different cetaceans at sea

There are not only dolphins, you can also meet other cetaceans as fascinating. In fact, the climatic conditions of the Mediterranean basin are favourable to other marine creatures and fish. To complete your sea excursion to satisfy the dolphins, head for the Golden Triangle, but still in the area of the Pelagos Marine Sanctuary. It is full of rare mammals such as sperm whales, but also pilot whales. The climate of the French Riviera also completes the appeal of this type of expedition. The panorama of the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean, the Alpes-Maritimes with its irregular shores of pebbles and its coastline of fine sand of Cannes a real sanctuary of peace.

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